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Take a Hike! Into the Wilderness

February 25, 2009 by  
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“It is easier to find an excuse than to find a reason” ~Doug Brown

Life is filled with studies, work, and household responsibilities. That being said, it’s essential that we refresh our minds occasionally by stepping away from our routine. Take this opportunity to plan a day trip or long weekend into the wilderness. The best way to accomplish this is to avoid excuses and set a specific date for your sojourn. No excuses. You deserve it.
hudson-valley-winery.jpg Hudson Valley Vineyard © Gennaro Salamone

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”
~ John Muir

Every community has locations for a fun weekend. Despite that, it’s often satisfying to leave town for a day or two to keep your focus away from life’s distractions. A smart approach to selecting a destination is to connect it with a specific activity for the weekend. One leisure pursuit that can be found near every neighborhood is hiking. Hiking combines exercise with an ability to commune with nature.

Try Local Hikes (limited to U.S. locations) to find the best spots in your area. Local Hikes has a search feature that allows visitors to set preferences including location, scenery, time available, and difficulty. Using that method, we found an enchanting town called Cold Spring, New York containing several hikes with views of the Hudson River Valley. The town and its neighboring communities screamed of Americana. Each was filled with colonial houses, small shops, and a volunteer fire department. It was also the perfect spot for an Autumn hike as the foliage was reaching its colorful peak. Even better it was only a little over an hour outside of New York City. Planning to visit next time you’re in the area? Try neighboring Beacon, Newburgh, and West Point too.
cold-spring-new-york.jpg Cold Spring, NY © Gennaro Salamone

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” ~ James Beard

Hiking expends a lot of energy. It’s important to eat well and drink plenty of liquids. Eating will also provide a pleasant way to break up segments of your trek. Consider preparing and packing a few recipes that are different from your usual meals. A great resource for selecting unique foods is The Minimalist: 101 20-Minute Dishes for Inspired Picnics. Try the grapes and cheese recipe, which mixes feta cubes with green grapes. Add olive oil, black pepper, and salt to taste. Another delicious option is the tomatoes and peaches recipe, which tosses together sliced tomatoes and peaches, along with thinly sliced red onion. Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Travelers headed to the Hudson River towns will also have the option of dining at one of their numerous quality restaurants before or after their trek.
hudson-valley-church.jpg Church, Hudson Valley, NY © Gennaro Salamone

“He who would travel happily must travel light” ~Antoine de St. Exupery

Unless your hike involves a lengthy or intensive journey considering packing light. Bring the essentials, but little else. Turn off the cell phone too. Focus on the individuals and the wilderness around you. It’s not often that we have a chance to turn off all the noise and enjoy the nature around us.

What’s your favorite hiking spot?
gennaro-salamone-photo.jpgGennaro Salamone is the founder and editor of Enduring Wanderlust. Feel free to contact him with questions, comments, or inquiries with reference to contributing a travel article or photograph for publication.


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29 Responses to “Take a Hike! Into the Wilderness”
  1. Rich CT says:

    I’m going to check out those towns next time I’m in New York. Sounds great.

    My favorite hiking spot is anything on the Appalachian trail.

  2. John H says:

    Nicely said. Hiking is a great activity and there are lots of trails. I try to get a hike in a couple of times a month. Most around the Great Lakes area. Beautiful and quiet.

    That feta and grapes must be delicious.

  3. jen laceda says:

    I’m one who’s full of excuses! I keep telling myself to “get out” more around Ontario, Canada (or even across Canada), but I always say, “oh, Canada is my home; it’s our backyard…there are plenty more to see out there.”

    But then I realize that Canada is such a HUGE country!! In fact, we’re the second (???) largest country in the world — not sure if this is true since Russia has split up into little pieces. Anyway, 10 million square kilometers of space, space, space. And like most Canadians, we’ve only seen, say 10% of the country!

  4. Tim says:

    It’s funny. I travel quite a bit and I also put of doing thing that are within a close distance. Haven’t done a hike in awhile. Next semi-warm weekend and I’ll be out there in the wilderness. I like Utah for trekking. Great outdoors.

  5. Gennaro says:

    @Rich CT

    The Appalachian Trail is great and it hits plenty of states.

    @John H

    Great Lakes region a nice spot too. Haven’t hiked there though.

    @jen laceda

    Canada is the second biggest country. And a beautiful one at that. And it’s true that our own backyards often have a lot of spots that we ignore. Nothing wrong with traveling close to home


    Utah is on my list. The whole Southwest circuit is a perfect trip in the states.

  6. Tika says:

    I live in Cold Spring and hikers are always around the community. It’s a great spot for hiking, but it’s also great for antique shopping, nice restaurants, and for a day strolling. Worth a trip over. Thanks for including it!

  7. Lisa says:

    It is about time for a day trip. Been overwhelmed with work 🙁 Colorado is, by far, my number 1 spot for hiking. The conditions (air and scenery) are the ideal. Arizona and Utah have nice areas to explore too. Haven’t done much on the East Coast. Canada has a bunch of good spots too.

  8. Gennaro says:


    You have a real nice community there. I’m planning to return again.


    The American Southwest is a beautiful place to visit especially for outdoor activites.

  9. Jay says:

    These seem like great places. I used to live in CT (1 1/2 years ago) and I miss New York and its beauty. I need to look for hiking trails around here. I love to hike, but for some reason never think to do it. Thanks for the great photos and inspiring me to look to hike more!

  10. Gennaro says:


    Thanks for the kind words. New York definitely has a lot of natural beauty. Most just think of NYC, which is great in its one right, but NY is a big state with lots to offer.

  11. Seth says:

    “It is easier to find an excuse than to find a reason” ~Doug Brown

    Very true. Love the post. I’m ready for a hike. Maybe the weekend after the upcoming one

  12. Gennaro says:


    Thanks. I love that quote too. Enjoy the hike.

  13. Arn says:

    My favorite places to hike are Bolivia, Colorado (U.S.), and Nepal. Atmosphere means a lot to me on the trip. Lots of nature and a little quiet go a long way.

  14. Hi Gennaro

    I enjoy coming to your site, because I always feel like I took a break from my day just by reading and looking at the photo. You have been like my desktop vacation. And you inspire me to want to see these places that I would never even have thought about.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  15. Gennaro says:


    Nepal is the classic trekking spot. I know a lot who swear by Bolivia too. Both high altitude spots.

    @Giovanna Garcia

    Thanks so much for the kind word.

  16. Gennaro,
    incredibly timely post. My emotional reservoir is drained and I am looking for a way to refill it. I thought on how to connect emotionally, and i think the best way for me is disconnect from the current “reality”. Hiking and turning off the phone should work the best.
    Good stuff.

  17. Gennaro says:


    Thanks. It’s worth a shot. Communing with nature and letting the tech noise go for awhile works for me.

  18. Carla says:

    I live right on the edge of Tilden Park – a large regional park that its so easy to get lost in.

    Since I am just a couple blocks away, that is one of our main destinations when we just need to “get away”. There is also a majestic rose garden and a few other smaller parks in walking distance. This is a good alternative when we just dont want to go anywhere (in a car).

  19. I grew up in rural New Hampshire and spent my childhood outdoors. We even lived a mile from the closest neighbors and I used to just wander around in the woods. Now I live in a big city and rarely spend time out in nature – maybe I should make more of an effort to do so.

  20. Gennaro says:


    That sounds like a beautiful spot. It’s great to find places close to home to relax in.

    @Kim Woodbridge

    I’m a city dweller too and I need to get out every so often to be in nature. It’s refreshing.

  21. Hiking and cycling are two of my favorite ways to recharge, and indeed, there are great options just about everywhere -even in one’s “backyard”. You have to be an “in-town tourist” to appreciate what’s easily within grasp sometimes.

    That said; I took my kids on some great hikes through southern Utah last July. Since we usually hike in wooded settings, slot canyons and deserts were a memorable departure from the usual.

  22. Gennaro says:

    @Heather Dugan

    I hear a lot of great thinks about the outdoors in Utah. It’s moving up my list of places to hike or visit. Thanks for the insight.

  23. sherri says:

    I have SO many excuses…..but this have given me MANY reasons.

    Thank you.

  24. Gennaro says:


    No problem. Thanks for reading and welcome aboard.


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